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Zodiac Summon

Current Zodiac Skin on Zodiac Summon
[[File:Aquarius.jpg|thumb|center|391x391px|[[File:Hero361-icon.png|20xpx|link=Aurora|Aurora]] Aurora | Aquarius

Each time you summon, 1 random reward and 1 - 5 Star Power will be given to you, you can use Crystals of Aurora Crystal of Aurora Crystals of Aurora/Diamonds DM Diamonds to summon (depending on your choice). There are chances of obtaining 100 Star Power for one summon! When the Star power reaches 100, you can get the permanent Zodiac Skin!



  • Zodiac Skins are based on the western 12 fire signs of the constellation. The skins are mostly based on Galaxy and Stars. All the skins have their own constellation drawn on their body.
  • The Zodiacs have opposites according to the Correspondence Chart:
  • According to the Polarity:
    • Positive polarity signs, also called active, yang (not to be confused means Yin-Yang), expressive, or masculine signs are:
    • Negative polarity signs, also called passive, yin (not to be confused means Yin-Yang), receptive, or feminine signs are:
  • According to the Triplicity:
  • The Zodiac Skins can only be obtained by the Zodiac Summon event (except Karina Karina in limited purchase using Diamonds DM Diamonds).
  • Irithel Irithel's Sagittarius was the first Zodiac Skin to be released.
  • Helcurt Helcurt's Scorpio was the final Zodiac Skin to be released until 2019.
  • Start in 2019, Zodiac Skins will be still released in Zodiac Summons and was available lifetime in Shop.
  • Among all of the zodiac skins; Lunox Lunox (Libra), Aurora Aurora (Aquarius), and Odette Odette (Virgo) skins are the only ones who was heavily criticized for having a "poor" and "lacksture" effects. Some people saying, Lunox Lunox's skin is "recycled", and Odette Odette's Swan Song.png ultimate being "plain". Until this year, Moonton still hasn't responded and made minor changes on the three mage's skin from a lot of feedback from players or gamers on YouTube.
  • On January 26, 2021, Moonton recently announced that they made changes upon on Hilda Hilda's zodiac skin and in exchange "nerfed" its skill effects. As a result; this angered many Hilda users and players and demanded a petition to return the old effects. There is currently no statements nor was been included in recent patch notes regarding about this issue.